Boarding for One

airport travel

It’s amazing how fast we get “used to” traveling with an infant.

In 11 months we managed to walk through 8 different TSA lines, experience 12 take-offs and landings and hear 12 calls over the P.A. that said, ” We will now begin our pre-boarding for those that need extra time getting on the plane or those families traveling with infants.”

Just like that…we had become pros at this whole getting on and off a plane with a tiny human.

But this past Christmas it was just me flying…no wife…no baby….just me.

I got to the airport on December 26 with my ski bag and luggage in tow. It felt weird..all the belongings in the bags belonged to…me!

Check-in was a breeze…I was even given TSA Pre-Check. Seriously, it took me 5 minutes to walk through the door, check in at the kiosk, walk through TSA… get screened… and into the side of the airport that is like a whole other world.

It feels so “different” once you are through security. It’s like you have made it into the land where we get to eat aT special restaurants. Yes the Sonic on the other side is different compared to the Sonic on the streets. We get stores that have magnets…lots of magnets all about your city…and you get to watch people interact in ways they normally don’t. I mean, how often do you see your neighbor running down the street after getting out of the car just to get into another car? NEVER! And then it gets even better… you finally get to your gate…and everybody is lined up in front of the gate…ready to get on, yet there’s no plane there. And you have to stand close to the gate. There’s bumping… and scooting… and behaviors that you just won’t see anywhere else. I like to call them “Gate Lice”. You can’t really get rid of them…they just all like to loiter in that zone. And many of them are “Zone 4’s and 5’s”. Which means you have to break through the human wall just to get to the gate once your zone has been called.

This trip I was able to notice those more because I was sans baby. I got the window seat from Oklahoma City to Denver with no hassle. I got another window seat from Denver to Bozeman. I was able to close my eyes on the plane and take a quick nap. It felt so…weird. I got off the plane and didn’t have to go to the bathroom to help change a diaper.

And here I realized that I indeed had become used to traveling with a baby. All this stuff felt so …weird.

A sure sign that my life had changed…for the better. The idea of traveling solo is just not my thing anymore. Life is better when you can share your experiences with someone.

skiing Big Sky Montana
Skiing in Big Sky, Montana



3 thoughts on “Boarding for One

  1. I hear ya! I haven’t flown solo in almost two year and it’s a lot of bits and pieces but really quite fun. I hope you enjoyed Bozeman! That’s a town where we have a lot of family. 🙂


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