Hotel Cribs are Weird

Can we talk about hotel cribs for a second? Has anyone else noticed how freakishly tall they are? They’re weird and awkward and in every single hotel in America.

standard hotel crib It seems like all hotel in the states offers the exact same crib to guests traveling with babies. If you’ve ever requested a crib at a hotel, you probably know the one that I’m talking about. It’s a standard, white, metal crib on wheels… Harmless, right? Well, I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful hotels offer a safe sleeping option for their tiniest guests, but geez, I wish they would just invest in some pack n plays.

My main problem with the weird hotel crib is that it’s made for giants… Well, actually the crib itself is smaller than a traditional crib, but the railings stand extra high… They are so high in fact, that bending over the side of the crib to gently lay a sleeping infant down is nearly impossible… That is unless you are 6’4″, which I clearly am not. There is no gentle way for my 5’2″ self to lay my sleeping child down in this crib without waking her up. Nope. Instead, I have to dangle her over the side and clumsily plop her down onto the paper thin mattress. Of course, this always results in her waking up, crying, then sitting, then pulling to a stand and crying some more. Now don’t start in on me with all that “you should put your baby to bed awake so they learn to self-sooth” crap. If that works for you, awesome. I’ve tried it and it didn’t work. All I got out of the deal was a really angry baby, and a couple hours less sleep that night. So at 11 months old, I still feed Avery a bottle and snuggle her until she falls asleep. Go ahead and judge me.

So back to these awkwardly tall cribs… Seriously, why does every hotel have them? Was there some huge sale at the Big and Tall Furniture store where every hotel chain in America stocked up?

In reality, the railings are probably compliant with some type of government regulation. They probably aren’t any taller than the railing of our crib at home… The real problem is the crib is on wheels, which raises it about 6 inches, making the railings seem extra high when you try to bend over them.

hotel crib railing It seems some of them are taller than others. We stayed at a hotel in Abilene, Texas once that offered a crib that was practically unusable. Avery actually slept in bed with us because I couldn’t physically reach the crib mattress. The railings literally came up to my chest. I swear that crib was on monster truck tires instead of crib wheels.

Fortunately, at our current hotel, the Steamboat Grand, the crib wheels are much more reasonable. I also was able to fold the extra blankets in the closet and place them under the mattress to raise it up a little higher.

hotel feels like home Avery got a solid 8 hours of sleep last night in her crib (which is a successful night in a hotel for her). Of course, I always travel with her crib sheet from home, a lightweight blanket and her favorite lovey to make the hotel feel more like home, which definitely helps.

But someday, I really hope other hotels will follow the Steamboat Grand’s lead and opt for smaller wheels on their cribs. Short mamas everywhere will thank them.


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