Our Travel-Themed Nursery

travel themed nursery When my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby in summer 2015, we did what every new parent does… First, we completely freaked out. Holy cow, we’re going to be parents! Will we still be able to travel? Will we still be the same people? How will our lives change once there is a new human in the house? 

Then, we started envisioning that adorable growing baby. Those tiny fingers and toes! That soft newborn baby hair! The sweet coos and gassy smiles! We can do this parenting thing. Of course, we can still travel with a baby! In fact, it will be cool to show her the world.

Finally, we sprung into preparation mode. We converted the office into a nursery, registered for a bunch of stuff we needed and even more stuff we only thought we needed. (Seriously, you don’t need a diaper wipes warmer. You just don’t.) Then we hit up the baby stores, perused catalogs, and searched Pinterest for the perfect nursery theme.

Butterflies? Eh… Princesses? WAY Overdone… Chevron print? Cool, but just not “us”.

We wanted something unique that reflected our lives and our interests. There was only one theme that we could both truly agree on… A travel-themed nursery.

travel themed nurseryThe problem is this theme is not readily available in any baby store (come on Pottery Barn Kids, get with the program), and I’m not the type of crafty person who can turn a concept into a reality. Luckily, I have some pretty crafty friends, so our concept turned into a perfect, yet inexpensively put together travel-themed nursery.

First, we decided on a color scheme that had absolutely nothing to do with the theme. We chose mint, grey and coral. Then, we purchased items to build the theme around, and fabric or scrapbook paper with which we covered those items. We framed maps, and poster paper of vintage luggage tags and postage stamps. We decoupaged wooden letters to spell out our daughter’s name, and had all of our friends and family sign a globe at the baby shower and write a message to our future tiny traveler. By the way, these frames are incredible and match our color scheme perfectly!

Finally, after our sweet Avery made her arrival, we had her newborn photos taken sleeping in a vintage suitcase. We had the photo enlarged, and it now hangs on a lightweight canvas above her crib.travel themed nursery

I’m writing this blog in hopes of providing inspiration or insight to others who are interested in a travel-themed nursery. The internet is a big place, but hopefully, those looking for some inspiration might stumble upon this page and see that it can be done without the help of an interior designer, and that it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money for a custom theme.


8 thoughts on “Our Travel-Themed Nursery

  1. This is so different from all the other rooms I’ve seen but I quite like it. It’s different and I feel it captures your essence as a family that love to travel. Your DIY friends did a great job

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    1. Thank you! I mainly decided to share the pictures of Avery’s nursery in case other families are looking for a similar theme and need some ideas of how to make it work. Some of her knickknacks are collected from other countries and bought from native artisans so we can support the local economies a little everywhere we go.

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      1. my daughter is an adult now but I had so much fun painting and decorating her room over the years. I felt like it was really a place to let the imagination take wings. Beautifully done!

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    1. Congrats! You will love showing your tiny traveler the world. I research travel-themed nurseries too and hardly found anything. That’s why I decided to share pictures of ours. Good luck bringing your vision together!


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