24 Hours in Milan

How to Spend One Day in Milan Milan is a big city… A huge city, actually. It’s roughly the size of Paris, France, or Dallas, Texas. But the tourist sights are located relatively close together, so if you only have a day, you can easily hit the high points, and it will leave you wanting … More 24 Hours in Milan

Royal Bavaria: A Small Piece of Germany in Oklahoma

A Beer Garden in the Central Plains Last night, our little family spent a few hours at our favorite restaurant in Oklahoma: Royal Bavaria. Royal Bavaria is about as authentically German as anything you can find in the states. The owner is from Munich and has a degree in culinary art. We’ve never had anything … More Royal Bavaria: A Small Piece of Germany in Oklahoma

How the EgyptAir Crash will affect Tourism

It has happened again… Another plane crash, and all signs are pointing to terrorism. EgyptAir was the unfortunate target this time, and 66 innocent victims, including three children were senselessly killed. I hate that this happened yet again. My heart breaks for those families, and especially for those babies who were robbed of the chance … More How the EgyptAir Crash will affect Tourism

My Perfect Match

If you ask me what I love most about my husband, without hesitation I would have to say his sense of adventure. I have truly found my perfect match. Not only does Damon love to travel also, but he is usually willing to go along with whatever crazy adventure I dream up. This has once … More My Perfect Match

A Quick Solution to America’s TSA Shortage

Too many travelers… Not enough TSA agents. Airports across the US are seeing extremely long lines at TSA checkpoints, and wait times that we haven’t seen since the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Some airports, like Denver International, are advising airline passengers to arrive THREE HOURS early to ensure they make their flight. Denver … More A Quick Solution to America’s TSA Shortage

Bricktown, OKC

When I first moved to Oklahoma, I had the same preconceived ideas about the state that many people around the country probably have. I thought it would lack excitement, personality and identity. I thought it would be nothing more than red dirt, cowboys and flat land. While Oklahoma does have a lot of all three … More Bricktown, OKC