Royal Bavaria: A Small Piece of Germany in Oklahoma

Royal Bavaria beer gardenA Beer Garden in the Central Plains

Last night, our little family spent a few hours at our favorite restaurant in Oklahoma: Royal Bavaria.

Royal Bavaria is about as authentically German as anything you can find in the states. The owner is from Munich and has a degree in culinary art. We’ve never had anything at Royal Bavaria that we didn’t like. The food is absolutely fabulous!

Since we will be in Germany in a couple of months, and my husband is currently learning the language, we’ve kind of become a bit obsessed with this restaurant.

Atmosphere at Royal Bavaria

One of my favorite things about Royal Bavaria (besides the food) is the atmosphere. Walk inside and you will feel like you are having a cozy, home cooked meal at your grandmother’s house… That is, if your grandmother is German and can make a killer schnitzel mit kartiffelbrei.

Royal Bavaria beergardenThe summer months are my favorite time to visit Royal Bavaria because their biergarten is open. Saturday night (May 21, 2016) was the seasonal opening for the biergarten which is the main reason we decided to go.

The biergarten is just like one you would find in Germany with picnic style tables, live music, and craft beer brewed right there at the restaurant. Although the beer is flowing, the Royal Bavaria Biergarten is very family friendly. Kids are definitely welcome, and there is even a small play area where little ones can run about.

On Thursday and Friday nights, Royal Bavaria has a live band in the biergarten, which is usually a bunch of old guys playing some really awesome folk music. You can spend hours there eating, talking, and enjoying the atmosphere. (Which is exactly what we did last night.)

What to order at Royal Bavaria

Royal Bavaria bratwusts

We typically get the sausage sampler for an appetizer. (Not the sausage pictured above. That’s an actual dinner.) The sausage sampler is enough to share with three or four people and comes with a generous helping of sauerkraut. My husband usually gets the Schnitzel “Berliner Art” mit kartoffelbrei (pictured below), which is basically schnitzel topped with sautéed apples and served with mashed potatoes.

Schnitzel "Berliner Art" mit kartoffelbrei

The schnitzel “Holsteiner Art” is also fantastic… It’s topped with a fried egg and Swiss cheese and is also served with potatoes.

schnitzel "Holsteiner Art"

Vegetarians would love the vegetable strudel. It’s actually one of my favorites and I’m not even a vegetarian. After all that food and a beer or two, I still always try to order dessert. I am a huge dessert person and the topfenstrudl mit vanille-sauce is “lick your plate” good.

topfenstrudl mit vanille-sauce


Royal Bavaria is located in Moore, Oklahoma, on Sooner Road between SE149th and SE 34th. It’s a little out of the way if you are staying in downtown OKC but it is well worth it. (Royal Bavaria is approximately a 30 minute drive south of downtown OKC and about a 10 minute drive north of Norman.) Go! You won’t regret it!


8 thoughts on “Royal Bavaria: A Small Piece of Germany in Oklahoma

  1. OH THANK YOU!!!!! I have been craving German food (mu hubby is German and misses it too)….and we have been looking for a place within 100 miles to go eat. This is just perfect!

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    1. You will not be disappointed. On Thursday nights they have a buffet that is quite popular, although I’ve admittedly never been because my husband works evenings Sun-Thurs… We go every couple of weeks during the summer and at least once a month throughout the year because it is just that good!

      Liked by 1 person

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