Father’s Day Gifts for a Travel-Loving Dad

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a horrible gift giver. Most of the time I end up being that person who buys the extremely practical, unexciting gift. At baby showers, I show up with diapers. At kids’ birthday parties, they get clothes or a gift card. And every Christmas and birthday, our gift to our daughter is a contribution to her investment account. Sure, she gets a small present or two as well, but it’s usually just one toy and then a practical item like books, flash cards, or clothes. I believe in collecting memories, not things, so we don’t go crazy on presents.

Daddy daughterMy husband, Damon, however, is much better at gift giving than I am, so I feel like I need to step up my game when it comes to buying for him. I can’t give him something practical when he gives me something thoughtful… So, I spend a lot of time thinking about what to get him.
Now that we are parents, I have one more holiday to stress about finding the perfect gift… Father’s Day!

Damon is an awesome father, so he definitely deserves a gift for all he does for our daughter, Avery, and for me.

So, what do you get for a man who loves to travel?

Here are seven gifts that he is sure to love!

  • Craft beer gift basket: Does the man in your life like to try different beers from around the world? A craft beer gift set is a great gift for a craft beer connoisseur.  You could pair it with a book like, The United States of Craft Beer, or this cool beer cap map that I found on Amazon and you’ve got a great gift that any beer lover would go crazy for.
  • Monthly international snack box: Is your travel-loving dad more of a foodie instead of a craft beer guy? How about a subscription to a monthly food box. Universal Yums makes a box of international snacks and candy that will be delivered to your mailbox each month. If you’d prefer to buy a one time gift instead of a subscription, you can even find gourmet international food sets, like this Italian gift basket, on Amazon.
  • Hobby shirt: What is your traveling dad’s favorite hobby? Does he ski? Does he hike? Instead of getting him one of those lame World’s Greatest Dad shirts, getting him something he will actually like to wear… a shirt that reflects his personality and interests. Here’s one for the avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time in the mountains, doing activities like skiing, snowboarding, or hiking. img_3887
  • Hiking Child Carrier: Here I am getting practical again. If the dad you are buying for has young children, a hiking backpack to carry the baby or toddler would make a great gift. This Deuter Child Carrier is easy to use and comfortable for both the baby and the parent. Our daughter absolutely loves the hiking carrier. She gets so excited when we pull it out of the closet. (Bonus for mom: it means dad carries the kid! Bonus for kid: it comes with the little teddy bear seen in the picture.)
  • Camera: Most men already have some type of camera, or like many, they just use a smartphone for pictures. But a true travel lover won’t settle for pictures taken on a phone. To help document family trips and outings, this point-and-shoot camera is amazing! It’s small, compact, and the picture quality is great. We often bring this camera on trips and leave our more professional Canon Rebel at home.
  • Photo book: There is no better way to document your travels or your adventures in parenthood than a photo book. We have a whole shelf of photo books that we created using Shutterfly, but there are several companies out there that allow you to design a book online.
  • Scratch off map: I bought this for my husband last Christmas. Every world traveler will love scratching off each individual country visited and dreaming of what country to visit next. If international travel isn’t his thing, they also make a scratch off map of the United States.

Hope this helps! If you haven’t already, you better buy fast! Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, 2016. If you have any other ideas for gifts for travel-loving dads, please leave us a comment and let us know!



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