Hanging Bridge Tour

Hanging bridge tour costa ricaHiking through the rainforest may be one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done, and the hanging bridge tour give a unique perspective of the forest.

Hanging bridge tour costa ricaThe hike is about 3 miles but it is up and down stairs on a defined but rocky and uneven path. There are about five bridges you cross and the path takes you by several waterfalls.

This is a guided tour, and can take awhile if you have a large group. They typically say it takes 3 hours to walk the three mile pathway. There are bathrooms halfway through the hike.We were able to do this tour with our infant.Hanging bridge tour costa rica We just wore her in a carrier. But, this hike is a bit more strenuous than the zip-lining, so wearing your baby (which would be the only way to do this with an infant) definitely requires you to be in decent physical shape. If you do not regularly workout, I would not recommend this excursion with small children. With that said, we had no problem with it, so if you are adventurous and in decent shape, GO FOR IT! It was beautiful and you get to see so much of the rainforest and natural vegetation this way.Hanging bridge tour costa rica

The guides are very well informed about the rainforest and can provide a lot of interesting information, so there is an educational element, as well.

A few recommendations: hiking shoes, a raincoat and/or umbrella, and mosquito spray are a must. You may also want to bring a bottle or snack for your baby or small children.

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