Outdoor Activities in Banff

Lake Louise skiing

Banff National Park is heaven for the outdoor lover. It has everything from beautiful lakes to rugged mountains, to wildlife roaming freely. It is amazing that a place can feel so different depending on the season you visit. In winter, Banff National Park offers great skiing, snowboarding and other mountain sports. In summer, canoeing, hiking and fishing are big draws for nature lovers.

Regardless of the season you plan to visit, I’ve got all the information on fun, family-friendly activities right here!


There are three main ski resorts located in Banff National Park. Sunshine Village skiing

The largest and most popular is Lake Louise. This resort has the most developed base area and the most ski runs (145 marked runs plus the back bowls). However, there are two other mountains you shouldn’t discount. Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay both offer great skiing options.

In my opinion, Sunshine Village has the prettiest views and is only a 15 minute drive from Banff, if you choose to stay there instead of Lake Louise. It offers 115 runs, many which are above the tree line which is a truly unique experience. Mount Norquay skiing

Mount Norquay is much smaller, with only a handful of lifts and 60 runs, but it is a very family-friendly mountain that offers ski passes by the hour. This is perfect if you’re skiing with young children who can’t handle a full day on the slopes yet, or if you just want to get in a few runs before heading back to Calgary to catch an afternoon flight. Another big plus, it is only 5 minutes from Banff!


hiking Banff National ParkIn the summer, Banff National Park is best known for its phenomenal hiking and lake activities. There are numerous hiking trails throughout the park varying in length and physical demand. We were able to hike with our infant, however, if you plan to do so, make sure you stay on trails that typically do not have bear activity and take proper precautions to keep you and your little ones safe. Wildlife, including grizzly bears, are very prevalent in the park. Many of the trails recommend only hiking in groups of four or more and carrying bear spray with you.



Lake Moraine is known for it’s almost unnaturally turquoise water. Canoeing is a popular activity at the glacial lake. Visitors can rent canoes on site and enjoy a relaxing ride across the calm, blue water. Photography is also a popular pass time at both Lake Moraine and Lake Louise.

Lake Louise Mountain Resort Gondola Ride

Lake Louise travelWhether you are skiing in the winter or just want to take in the breathtaking views from high atop the mountains, a gondola ride is a great family-friendly activity. Taking the gondola up to the top of the mountain at the Lake Louise Mountain Resort is a great way to view wildlife, and get a different perspective of the topography. There is a nice, little restaurant at the top where you can grab a bite to eat or have a refreshing drink on the outdoor patio. There is also an electric fence to protect visitors from grizzly bears, however, you can hike at your own risk behind the fence.

Hot Springs

Banff is also known for its hot springs. In fact, the Banff Upper Hot Springs are actually located in the town of Banff, making it extremely convenient if you are staying in town. We did not have time to visit the hot springs, but this is definitely a family-friendly activity we will put on our list for next time, as I’m sure it is quite relaxing on the muscles after a long day of hiking or skiing.


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