Rio On Pools

Rio On Pools BelizeRio On Pools is located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, just a few miles away from the Rio Frio Cave.

The area is known as a swimming spot for locals, and some tour groups stop there on the way to the Caracol Mayan ruins.Rio On Pools Belize

The path down to the pools could use some serious maintenance. The stairway is steep, uneven and has some larger steps without a railing to assist. For this reason, making your way to the pools with a baby or toddler can be difficult, but it is worth stopping at least for a picture. Older children who do not have to be carried should be able to access the pools without too much difficulty.

Rio On Pools BelizeBecause the path was somewhat treacherous and it had just poured down rain while we were there, we opted not to swim in the pools. But during the dry season, or on a day when it hasn’t rained buckets, this is a nice spot to stop and swim or sit underneath the small waterfalls and let them massage your back.

Rio On Pools Belize



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