Costa Rica

IMG_7523.JPGIf you are considering a trip to Costa Rica with children, my advice would be DO IT! Costa Rica is one of the most family-friendly countries. We took our daughter when she was 6 months old. My only complaint is that we didn’t stay long enough. The Ticos (the name given to the locals) absolutely love babies! Everywhere we went the locals would stop us to talk to our daughter or even offer to hold her while we ate in a restaurant (the waitresses, not random strangers -that would be creepy).

Although Costa Rica is known for its extreme sports and activities, there is plenty to do with kids who are too young for activities like zip-lining and rappelling. You can also get by speaking English only, as most people there know the language. However, as with any foreign country, do at least attempt a few words in the native language (Spanish). Locals always appreciate it.

Check out the reviews of the hotels we stayed in and the places we visited.

RIU Guanacaste
RIU Guanacaste


hotel silencio del campo costa rica
Hotel Silencio del Campo


Costa Rica travel
Llanos de Cortes waterfall


Cafe y Macadamia Costa Rica
Cafe y Macadamia


Zip-lining Costa Rica


Hanging bridge tour costa rica
Hanging Bridges

Other family-friendly options

As I said earlier, I’m disappointed we did not stay longer in Costa Rica so we could explore more of this breathtaking country. I would recommend at least two weeks to see and do it all. Had we stayed longer, I would have liked to check out the following places, all of which you can do with a baby or young children.

Butterfly conservatory: Butterflies are one of Costa Rica’s biggest exports. You can see all the different species of butterflies at the conservatory.

Sloth Sanctuary: You and your child would actually be able to hold a baby sloth. How cute is that?! Need I say more?

Riverboat wildlife tour: You’ll get to say crocodiles, monkeys, birds, and all kinds of vegetation and wildlife from the safety and convenience of a covered riverboat.

Tortuguero National Park: This would be especially cool for those visiting during the late summer, when the turtle eggs hatch and the baby turtles make their way to the ocean. This would be a great learning experience for kids.

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