The Town of Jackson

Downtown Jackson WyomingThe town of Jackson, Wyoming is located about 10 minutes away from the ski resort and about a one hour drive from Yellowstone National Park.

Jackson is charming and enchanting. With its wooden sidewalks, saloons, and cowboy feel, it truly is a scene out of the Wild West. The town square park is a great place for a quick family photo under the archways made entirely of elk antlers.

Sidewalks are all covered so even when it is raining or snowing, visitors can walk shop-to-shop without inclement weather putting a damper on their day.


Like any resort town, Jackson is full of souvenir shops, unique boutiques, coffee and sweets shops, and plenty of eateries. Because the winters can be brutal there, furs are a hot commodity in Jackson Wyoming, so you will find several fur stores in the town (sorry PETA). The Wort Hotel is located in the heart of downtown.Jackson Wyoming

It’s the oldest hotel in Jackson. It almost burned down at one point, but has been restored to its original beauty. Inside The Wort, you will find the Silver Dollar Bar and Grill, which is a great place to enjoy a refreshing drink or a meal.

It’s definitely worth spending an afternoon exploring the town and checking out all the Wild West community has to offer.


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