Milan Duomo

Duomo di Milano

Milan Duomo

This. Cathedral. Is. Spectacular. Inside and out. The moment you see it you will likely stare in amazement. Pictures do not do it justice. After touring the Sforza Castle, take another short walk to the Duomo di Milano (Milan Duomo). The entrance fee to the Duomo is very inexpensive (between 5-10 Us Dollars) and the Gothic architecture inside is just as memorizing as the exterior. If time allows, you can climb to the top terrace of the Duomo for a great yet challenging experience. For a few extra bucks you can ride a lift to the terrace, which would be well worth it if traveling with young children.Milan Duomo

The piazza in front of the cathedral is always crawling with tourists and pigeons. Once again, be aware of scammers here. At one point I was taking a photo of the cathedral, and seconds later two men accosted me, took my camera put bird seed in my hand and suddenly I was surrounded by pigeons. Luckily, they did not steal my camera, instead they took my picture with it, then asked me for money. Ummm, no thanks, I did not ask to be made into a pigeon stand, although I managed to maintain a smile like a pro. (See picture below.) It’s a good thing I don’t have a phobia of birds or this experience would have been truly terrifying.

Duomo di Milano


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