Sforza Castle

Sforza Castle

After viewing the Last Supper and touring Santa Maria della Grazie, head over to Sforza Castle. This is located directly up the road from the cathedral that houses Leonardo di Vinci’s famous work, about a five minute walk. ZurichLucerneMilanVenice2013 385Due to our time constraints, we opted not to take a guided tour and decided to walk around on our own. The 15th century castle is now home to several historical  works of art, as well. The grounds of the castle are free to enter, but admission to the museum requires you to purchase a ticket.

One word of warning that applies to this tourist sight and just about every other one in Italy: You will come across panhandlers outside the walls who will try to stop you, offering you a free bracelet that brings good fortune or something similar. Say no thank you and keep moving. Once they have you by the wrist, they will hit you up for money, or pickpocket you. I was warned of this in advance and knew not to stop… Best advise I ever got because they tried to stop me several times while in Italy.


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