Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls reviewNiagara Falls is one of those tourist destinations that children in the United States learn about in school. Growing up, you read historical accounts of crazy adventurous people going over the falls in a wooden barrel, or suicidal people choosing to end their life by leaping from the side into the mist below. So, as an American, the falls have always been a bit fascinating to me. I grew up in the southwest, so traveling to Niagara Falls wasn’t exactly easy or cheap. In fact, it is about the same distance from my childhood hometown to Niagara Falls as it would be from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey.

How to get there

I flew into Buffalo, New York, which is about a 30 minute drive from Niagara Falls. It is very easy to navigate to the falls as there are a ton of road signs leading you there. You don’t really even need a GPS to get you from the airport to the border. Crossing the border is relatively quick and easy. There were two tolls I paid to get to the border that cost an whopping $4.50 combined. There is no entrance or exit fee at the border, and I only had to pay one of the tolls on the way back into the states, which only cost me one dollar. (cash only unless you have a toll pass.) Don’t forget your passport!


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