Family-friendly Activities in Steamboat

Although Steamboat is known for its mountain sports, there is plenty to do off the mountain, as well. Many of these activities are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

dinner sleigh ride steamboat
Dinner sleigh ride at Haymaker’s

Dinner Sleigh Rides

We took our 11-month-old daughter on a dinner sleigh ride at Haymaker’s. The food was wonderful and the staff and horses were very friendly. They offer warm blankets and hot cocoa to keep you warm on the 20 minute sleigh ride. This is definitely one of the more relaxing activities you can do with very young children.

Dog sledding

This is another activity that is suitable even for very young children. My daughter LOVES dogs (we have two of them – A German Shepherd/Wolf? mix and a Shih Tzu) so this is definitely something we are excited to do the next time we visit.


Tubing is another popular family-friendly activity in Steamboat. We considered this because it says children of all ages can participate and that young children just need to ride in the lap of an adult, but I figure we will wait another year before taking our little girl down a hill on an snow tube.

Hot Springs

Steamboat Springs actually got its name because of the multitude of natural hot springs in the area. When the first settlers came to the area, they said the sulfur which was steaming out of the hot springs sounded like a steamboat, so they named the town Steamboat Springs. (A little history less for today. Your welcome.) But the hot springs are open year round and can provide a nice relaxing break from the mountain, if you just need to soak your sore muscles. The hot springs are suitable and open to children of all ages, in fact kids under two are free! Score!



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