Skiing or Snowboarding in Steamboat

Damon Lane skiing

This mountain itself and its varying terrain are hands down my top reasons for repeatedly visiting Steamboat.

The Slopes

20160119_140630.jpgThe mountain has a good variety of greens, blues and black runs, which makes it fun for skiers of all levels. For novice skiers, there are a good amount of long green runs even at the top of the mountain. This is a big bonus, in my opinion. At a lot of resorts I’ve visited all the greens are clustered together toward the bottom of the mountain near the base, accessible by only one of two lifts. Not the case with Steamboat. This becomes especially beneficial when your skiing with people of varying abilities or with a young child learning to ski for the first time.One parent can always ski with the beginner while the other parent or older, more experienced children can ski down the steeper or more difficult terrain that runs parallel to the green and still meet up at the same chair lift. Or if your child is in ski school and already taking chair lifts, there is a good chance you might spot them on the mountain skiing in the same general vicinity as you! Nothing like a quick proud parent moment when you spot your little shredder snowplowing down the mountain with the rest of the kids in her class!

tree run steamboat
One of the tree runs in Steamboat

If you aren’t skiing with a novice, there are a lot of great runs for experienced skiers, including some really fun tree runs (my favorite) and even some hiking terrain.

The Crowds

Remember when I said that Steamboat was kind of far from Denver? In this case that is a positive. There are hardly ever long lift lines, even on holiday weekends. Compared to some of the resorts closer to Denver, Steamboat is always a lot less crowded, which means you can get in a lot of skiing even in a short amount of time.

The Snow

Another great thing about Steamboat’s location is that it tends to get a good amount of powdery snow. They actually call it champagne snow because it’s smooth and dry, which is perfect for skiing! Currently, the 2015-2016 ski season has actually broken the record for the largest snowfall in the resort’s history… having received over 19 feet of snow by mid-January and counting!

tree run Steamboat
Bonus points if you can find me about to pop out of the trees.


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