The town of Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs Colorado

steamboat springs travel
Damon and me out for dinner in Steamboat Springs the night after we got engaged. (2012)

It’s worth making the 5-10 minute drive from the mountain resort to the town of Steamboat Springs one night for dinner or for a day of shopping.

There are some really great restaurants for foodies and craft breweries for beer lovers. And every ski town typically has a slew of charming boutiques and unique shops.

For dinner, I’d suggest Mahogany Ridge Brewery, where they make one of our favorite beers, Alpenglow, which unfortunately, you can’t buy in stores. We checked. 😦 It’s not only a brewery but a restaurant too, so it is family friendly.

Side note: Steamboat Springs does a very good job of maintaining the streets, plowing them every night during the winter when they have a big snowfall, so the drive from the resort to the town is quite easy.


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