Sundance Square

sundance squareSundance Square is basically the heart of downtown Fort Worth.
It’s a great place to eat, shop, or spend a night out without children, if you are fortunate enough to have one of those.

One of the things that makes downtown Fort Worth a great family-friendly attraction is the number of festivals and free events that are held in Sundance Square, especially in the spring and summer. Concerts, arts festivals, food festivals… there is always something going on downtown.

Where to park:

Unlike many downtown areas in metropolises that we’ve visited, parking in Sundance Square is relatively easy and inexpensive. There are always the meters lining the street which take credit cards and are free after 5 on weekdays and all day on weekends There are also several lots and parking garages that are conveniently located. (A few of which are free!)

Texas Hospitality:

Fort Worth’s Sundance Square is one of the safer downtown areas I’ve ever visited. Definitely keep your guard up anywhere you go, but in Fort Worth, there is definitely a friendly “cowboy” feel.

People are more than willing to give you directions if you stop them on the street, and they’ll most likely do so with a big smile, and a “Welcome to Texas!”

Where to eat:

Definitely visit Reata for dinner, and check out their rooftop bar or dining space. The views are amazing!

Where to drink:

Don’t have the kids with you? Hit up Flying Saucer. Beer connoisseurs will love it. They have a fantastic outdoor beer garden and always have great live music.




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