Murano Italy travel

Murano is a small island located about 10-15 minutes away from the mainland of Venice. It is worth the water taxi ride over to explore the less crowded island and see some beautiful glass art.

murano glassmakerMurano Glass is known worldwide. It is beautiful and elaborate and made right here on this small island.

You can watch glass artisans make blown glass sculptures for a very small fee (literally, it costs a couple of dollars.)

Be aware, there are sales people who will offer to pick you up from your hotel and take you to Murano for free on a tour of the glass factories. They work with the hotels, and from what I’ve heard, they expect you to buy something from the showroom after the glass-making presentation.

murano glass showroom

We chose to go to the island by taxi instead. Once there you can literally pop into one of the presentations to watch. They then escort you into the showroom where you can look around, purchase something or simply leave.

After watching the glassmakers at work, which really is quite interesting, you can explore the small village or head over to the lovely, colorful island of Burano.


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