Winter in Jackson

Although Jackson Hole is best known for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, there are definitely other activities that families can do.

snowmobiling in Jackson Hole


One of the best ways to explore the valley is on a snowmobile. Two people can ride together, and children must (and should) ride with a parent. I am on the petite side and had trouble operating the snowmobile on my own, so even teenagers would likely have issues controlling the snowmobile. Snowmobile tours can take you into Yellowstone, to public hot springs for a quick swim, or up on the continental divide for some amazing views of the mountains and valley. We had a blast snowmobiling, although, this is definitely not something you can do with toddlers or babies. It’s better to leave them behind in the childcare at the base of the mountain.

JacksonHoleDecember2011 086Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is another popular winter activity and one in which children of any age can participate, and the highlight of many families’ trips. The dogs are all well trained and friendly, and love to go on the sledding adventure. It really is fun for them, and you can tell.We are dog lovers and would never recommend anything if we thought it was remotely cruel, but we would recommend dog sledding. These dogs have a good, fun life.

National Elk Refuge Jackson

Sleigh Rides

This is another activity that children of all ages can enjoy, and a great way to get up close to the wildlife in Jackson Hole. Horse drawn sleigh rides through the National Elk Refuge (just outside of Jackson, between the town and the airport) can give you a perspective much closer than I got in this picture, by taking you right through a herd of thousands of elk on the protected land inside the refuge.

snow king jacksonSnow King Kids Activities

There is a small resort mountain located inside the town of Jackson, called Snow King. There you can find a variety of fun activities like tubing and a new winter cowboy coaster. We didn’t go this time around because kids need to be roughly 40 inches tall to participate (38″ for the coaster and 42″ for tubing). But when our daughter is a little older we will definitely spend a day at this little mountain enjoying the activities.


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